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Paddy Maguires Food Menu


BOWL OF FRIES                              (V)                          $ 8

Add curry sauce                                (V)                          $ 4


LOADED FRIES                                                                $12

Crispy bacon, fried onion, smoked cheese sauce


LOADED MAC FRIES                                                        $12

Paddy’s mac n cheese served over fries


GARLIC BREAD                                  (V)                          $ 6

Roasted garlic & fresh herb baguette


LOUISIANA HOT WINGS                             1kg $18   ½ kg $12

with Frank’s hot sauce                       


PADDY’S MAC N CHEESE                  (V)                          $ 9

Macaroni pasta served with rich blended cheese sauce with a hint of truffle oil          


LASAGNA BITES                                                              $10

Crumbed lasagna pieces served with a tomato & garlic relish


BRUSCHETTA                                     (V)                          $12

Classic tomato, avocado & bocconcini topped with rocket & olive oil on ciabatta


Roast pumpkin, goats cheese & rocket topped with toasted pepitas, balsamic garlic oil on ciabatta


CHEESE BOARD                                (V)                           $20

Selection of brie, blue cheese, vintage cheddar, fruit, fig & caramelized onion chutney & crackers



CHAR-GRILLED BEEF BURGER                                        $20

Australian beef patty, bacon, lettuce, onion jam, tomato, pickle, smoked cheddar, aioli, & fries


CLUB SANDWICH                                                             $20

Chicken, bacon, tomato, lettuce, Swiss cheese, garlic aioli & fries


STEAK SANDWICH                                                             $23

Young aged beef rump on a toasted baguette, lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, onion jam & fries


CHAR-GRILLED CHICKEN WRAP                                      $20

Free range chicken, lettuce, red onion, avocado, charred corn, garlic aioli & fries


BRISKET TOASTIE                                                            $20

Pulled beef brisket, crispy bacon, smoked mozzarella & brie on sour dough & fries



CHICKEN COBB SALAD                   (GF)                           $22

Grilled chicken, cos leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, charred corn & burnt lime chilli

coriander dressing


CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD                                                $24

Grilled free range chicken, cos leaves, croutons, anchovies, classic Caesar dressing topped with a poached egg


ROASTED BROCCOLI SALAD         (GF)                            $20

Garlic roasted broccoli, char-grilled zucchini, fennel, rocket & pepitas with avocado & basil dressing

Add char-grilled chicken                                                   $ 4



Paddy’s Signature Dish

GUINNESS PIE                                                                 $23

Steak & mushroom pie served on champ mash, mushy pea puree & gravy


BANGERS AND MASH                                                       $23

Irish pork sausages served with champ mash, rich onion gravy & mushy pea puree


CHICKEN PARMIGIANA                                                      $24

Free range chicken topped with Napolitana sauce & mozzarella served with salad & your choice of:

Fries, champ mash or spaghetti



CLASSIC CHICKEN SCHNITZEL                                          $24

Free range chicken, garden salad & lemon wedges

Served with your choice of: fries, champ mash or spaghetti

Sauces: garlic, mushroom, gravy, pepper


FISH & CHIPS                                                                    $21

Beer battered or grilled Barramundi served with a garden salad, pickled onions & fries



Scotch fillet                                                                        $30

Served with your choice of:

Seasonal vegetables or garden salad

Champ mash or fries

Sauces: garlic, mushroom, gravy, pepper


VEGETARIAN PASTA                       (V)                              $19

Mediterranean vegetable ragout cooked in a rich house-made tomato sauce & served with penne pasta



MARGHERITA                                    (V)                              $15

Classic tomato, mozzarella, bocconcini & fresh basil


ROAST VEGETABLE                          (V)                             $18

Seasonal roast vegetables, house-made tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella


HAWAIIAN                                                                           $19

Shaved leg ham, mozzarella & pineapple


B.A.T.                                                                                   $19

Bacon, avocado & tomato topped with mozzarella


Pizza extras $3 (chorizo, chilli, bacon, olives)



Seasonal Vegetables                           (V, GF)                     $ 4

Garden Salad                                       (V, GF)                     $ 4

Greek Salad                                          (V, GF)                     $ 4

Champ Mash                                        (V)                           $ 4

Fries                                                    (V)                           $ 4         


(V)           Vegetarian             (GF)         Gluten Free

*Note dishes on the menu may contain ingredients which could have implications for individuals with food related health conditions, allergies or food intolerances.

© 2012 - 2015 copyright Paddy Maguires Subiaco